Auto Runner Game


Welcome to the Auto Runner Game! Put your reflexes to the test and enhance your math skills as you navigate through obstacles.

How to Play:

  • Click or tap anywhere on the screen to make the character jump.
  • Avoid obstacles by timing your jumps correctly.
  • Collect numbers smaller or equal to your value to increase your score.
  • Let the character fall back down due to gravity.
  • Score points and challenge your high score!

Game Features:

  • Keep track of your current value and high score.
  • Obstacles get faster as you play, so stay sharp!

Educational Benefits:

  • Sharpen mental math skills by comparing numbers quickly.
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination while timing your jumps.
  • Stay focused and improve concentration during gameplay.

Have a blast playing and learning with the Auto Runner Game! Aim for the highest score and the longest run!